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Be ready in an ever changing world.

Do you feel confident you can defend yourself in a violent situation?

We've created an online or in-person curriculum to train you in self-defense.

Our system will ensure you are prepared to defend yourself and those you care about. Our system utilizes  Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Hands, and Medical Skills to prepare you for the real world. With classes on each and then integrating the disciplines, you will be guided along your path to becoming a R.A.I.D. Warrior. The R.A.I.D. systems was developed by members of Army Special Forces to support Special Operators work in dangerous environments alone.  Now these skills are available for you.

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R.A.I.D. Warrior

RAID stands for Responsive Actions Integrated Disciplines. It is a training and education program that utilizes a combination of knowledge, skills, and equipment, employing correct tactical responses and integrated fighting disciplines in a violent situation. This school incorporates all the curriculum found in both The School of Fighting Arts and The School of Applied Kinetic Diplomacy. You will train with both fighting disciplines to achieve the ultimate in self-defense capability. Go to SIGN UP NOW to enroll in the School of RAID.

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